Heavy Duty Towing Los Angeles provides immediate response for towing services from several points in Los Angeles while ensuring the fastest experience possible. We understand that everyone’s time is important, so you can trust us your car issues anytime of the day and rest assured that we will be there at your door steps in no time. We are committed to providing the excellent service with our best team and that is the reason why we are well-known towing service provider in the area. Our top priority is to ensure our clients’ as well as their vehicle safe and we fulfil this by providing them superior work quality. Our towing services includes:

Light-Duty Towing Service

Light Duty towing are equipped with modern wheel-system and the tow trucks use lifts the vehicle off the ground by securing either the front tow or back tow wheels. In addition, tow trucks for light-duty towing have the potential to tow vehicles using the dolling towing technique in which extra dolly is added as an extension to the tow truck and allows the two wheels that are -duty tow trucks not making direct contact with the tow truck to lifted off the ground. With our light-duty tow trucks it enables us to tow the following types of vehicles:

– SUVs
– Cars
– Minivans
– Motorcycles
– Small trailers
– Vans

Medium-Duty Towing

For Medium-duty towing, tow trucks used also specialize with modern wheel-system and eliminating all tow truck and vehicle contact except for the rubber on the vehicle’s tires. We have the design and efficient service for this to provide best towing assistance throughout the transportation process. Our medium tow trucks can service a wide array of vehicles, this includes:

-Small fleet vehicle towing
-Delivery trucks
-Class c Motor homes
-Box Trucks
-Delivery Trucks

Heavy Duty Towing

For Heavy-Duty Towing, large in size and powerful heavy-duty tow trucks are equipped with under-reach and wheel-lift technology to make them proficient and damage free towing. For this, the front end of the vehicle is then lifted in the air, until the back two tires are the only part that remain in contact with the ground, whenever the vehicle is secure and prepared for safe transport, it can finally be towed to your destination. With our heavy-duty tow trucks, it enables us to tow the following types of vehicles:

-Cranes and heavy equipment transportation
-Commercial Buses; Tour/ Charter/ City
– Semi Tractor-Trailers
– Pine-hook Trailers
– Bobtails, straight trucks
-Dump trucks


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